Attribute Revenue

Framework revenue is allocated to each of the Activity Units based on the driver specified for each revenue types.

          1% Interest Earned on General Endowment go to Advancement Envelope 10% to Vice President, Research Fund
Revenue Source Grants and Application Fees Grad Tuition Undergrad Tuition Short Term Interest General Endowment Interest Research Overhead
Driver Student FTEs Student FTEs Student Units Taught Annual ending balance in Operating and Research Envelope Three year average expenditures As specified by each grant or contract
Methodology to Activity Unit 100% to applying or registered faculty at actual rates 100% to registered faculty at actual rates 100% to teaching faculty at teaching faculty rate, residual split 50/50 - professional vs other faculties respectively 100% to faculties (if in debt must contribute to pot) 100% (net of amount to advancement envelope) to faculties 90% to faculty

Resulting Framework Revenue Distribution

Tax Revenue

8% to University Fund which funds Hold Harmless, Strategic Priorities, unforeseen circumstances and seed funding for new initiatives.

1% or 3% to Research Infrastructure Fund (RIF), but immediately allocated back out to Faculties based on their proportionate share of Research. (Tax and rebate directly)

RIF - Amounts Contributed vs. Received ($millions)

Attribute Support

Unit allocations to Faculties

Support Unit costs are deducted from Faculty revenues based on the Faculties level of usage (as defined by the cost drivers). In other words Faculty revenues are reduced by their proportionate share of the support units base budgets.

Allocation of Support Units Budgets

  • Support unit budgets are allocated to Faculties using a double step-down allocation method.
    • Step 1: Allocate Support Units’ costs to both Faculties and Support Units, including the Support Unit being allocated.
    • Step 2: Sequentially allocate Support Units’ residual costs following 1st step to both Faculties and Support Units.
  • Why? So all Support Unit budgets are accurately allocated to Activity Units
  • Support Unit budgets > "Loaded" Support Unit Allocations

Total Support Unit Budgets

Total "Loaded" Support Unit Allocations


Resulting Allocations

Resulting Faculty Allocations

Attributed Income/Tax/Support Costs ($'000s)